Thursday, 8 May 2014

Private Albert Hill VC, 10th Battalion, The Royal Welsh Fusiliers.

The 10th Battalion Royal Welch Fusiliers were part of 76th Brigade, 3rd Division, and arrived on the Somme in early July 1916. They took part in the fighting at Delville Wood on 20th July 1916 when the battalion encountered heavy machine gun fire while moving up to Buchanan Street. Casualties in this action were 228 officers and men.

Private Albert Hill VC

"For most conspicuous bravery. When his battalion had deployed under very heavy fire for an attack on the enemy in a wood, he dashed forward, when the order to charge was given and meeting two of the enemy suddenly, bayoneted them both. He was sent later by his platoon sergeant to get in touch with the company and, finding himself cut off and almost surrounded by some twenty of the enemy, he attacked them with bombs, killing and wounding many and scattering the remainder. He then joined a sergeant of his company and helped him fight the way back to the lines. When he got back, hearing that his company officer and a scout were lying out wounded, he went out and assisted to bring in the wounded officer, two other men brought in the scout. Finally, he himself captured and brought in as prisoners, two of the enemy. His conduct throughout was magnificent."

The Memorial dates from May 2001, when it was unveiled by the Royal Welsh Fusiliers Comrades Association.

The memorial is located in Delville Wood; at the main entrance walk to the back of the museum, and take the ride to your right. The memorial is straight ahead.

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