Sunday, 12 July 2015


Captain Robert Barclay completed his famous walk, 1809

He was commissioned 2nd Lieut RWF in 1804 but left the army a few years later. He was a great walker. His greatest feat occurred in 1809 when he accepted a wager to walk 1,000 miles at the rate of 1 mile an hour for 1,000 consecutive hours for 1,000 guineas (£1,100). He set out on Newmarket Heath on 1 June and completed it successfully on 12 July.
In 2003 the London For a Marathon recreated the challenge for six elite ultra endurance athletes. The only difference being that the 1000 miles would be competed in 38 times round the London Marathon route with the immediate running of the London Marathon at the end of the 1000 miles! In the early hours of a particularly good Officers’ Mess Dinner Night Lt David Lake decided that this event needed a member The Royal Welch Fusiliers to take part. He volunteered and was selected by the organisers on the basis of the Regimental link. David duly undertook the challenge and complete it coming fourth in the overall event. 

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