Monday, 19 April 2021

Last shot of Waterloo?

 #ArchiveMystery #Archive30 day 19 This is an account of the service of a man of Beddgelert who had fought among the red coats in the Seventh Coalition on that bloody day, 18 June 1815. In almost the last volley of the conflict he had had a stroke of misfortune.

A  French bullet had entered his knee cap, an agonising injury. When the battle was over and nothing but the dead and wounded left he saw a woman going from one body to the other, robbing them. If one of them happened to be still alive she would tap him hard on his forehead with a little hammer to finish him off. She saw this man was watching her & she nodded to him, as much as to say, ‘All right, I will be with you presently.’

His gun was by his side, so he quietly stretched out his hand, picked it up gently, and pointed it at her. ‘The next minute she was tumbling head over heels,’ said he, ‘and that was the last shot at Waterloo.’ So my mystery is -was he indeed 1 of the 23rd Royal Welch Fusiliers?

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